October 31, 2017

What are some good and bad things about working remotely?

I love remote work because it allows me to optimize my daily work routine for when I’m most productive.

I also like how the focus of remote work is much more about the work you’re able to produce than anything else - so it’s quite effective.

I love the freedom and control remote work gives. It’s quite exciting that with a very good internet connection, a laptop and a workspace that’s convenient for you, you can be a functioning part of an organization.

Working remotely has allowed me to travel and explore countries and cities I would otherwise have needed to take a holiday to be able to visit because, with adequate planning, I can work from anywhere.

One of the downsides is that sometimes, I might not even leave my apartment in a week. I just stay indoors buried in my laptop. As long as the fridge is stocked, I have no real reason to go out and socialize.

Another downside is dealing with some people who don’t understand the remote work lifestyle, people who think that because you’re home all the time, you must have time to indulge and entertain them. So, it’s important to live around people who understand what you do and the barriers that although you do not leave the house to go to a physical office, you’re actually doing real, important work that consumes your time and mental energy!

Lastly, on the plus side, remote work extends your network - I get to work with an amazing team of people I would otherwise might not have met physically so that’s awesome!

This first appeared in a writing series with my colleagues at Happy Bear Software. Read more about how the rest of the team work remotely.