January 14, 2018

About Me

Hi, I’m Esther Olatunde - a software engineer from Lagos, Nigeria.

I’m currently a Full Stack Software Developer at Lexoo - helping to build one of Europe’s leading legal technology companies.

Prior to that, I co-founded Tress (YC W2017) as the CTO and worked as a Senior Developer at a software consultancy firm building products for businesses in the UK.

One of the reasons why I love programming is that I learn new things everyday. It can get a bit crazy but I absolutely love it. I’ve tried keeping records in private gists but that has gotten a bit scattered and sharing is always a good thing :)

This blog is an attempt at documenting my thoughts, learnings and journey in a semi-formal / semi-consistent form.

A few more random tidbits about me: I’m a newbie yogi, I think I change my hairstyles way too often, I’ve read and I own all the books in the Harry Potter series, I recently built a simple http web server from scratch with Ruby, I trained a simple ML classifier that identifies different types of hairstyles ;) using Tensorflow, I’m currently building MuteEveryone.com and learning about the Ruby internals.