September 1, 2018

Migrate Rails App From Heroku to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In this article, I will document the process of how I helped a small startup with tens of thousands of users and data migrate their Ruby on Rails application from Heroku to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with no loss of data and service. The application I migrated was a typical production Rails stack: Ruby on Rails backend/API (production and staging environments with Android, iOS and web clients), PostgreSQL database, Sidekiq for processing background jobs, Redis Cluster, AWS S3, A couple of Node microservices and custom domain names with wildcard SSL certificate. Read more

May 16, 2017

Managing keys for pushing to multiple heroku accounts

For convenience when you manage multiple applications from multiple Heroku accounts, so you won’t have to login on the terminal to switch between multiple accounts whenever you have to make deployments.